Frequently Asked Questions


What is ZQS (Zetascan Query Service)?

ZQS was created to facilitate the real-time lookup of IP and Domain threat data into various applications and services. Currently there are dozens of various domain and IP data-feeds available to developers. Many of these feeds are available free of charge and some are paid for services when minimum query levels are exceeded. In addition, there are 2 main problems with trying to incorporate multiple data feed into a solution: i) the overlap between data feed providers in the content listed (IPs & URIs), and ii) the absence of normalized meta-data related to the IPs or Domains.

ZQS aggregates, processes, and normalizes data from different sources, thus providing a single point for anti-spam and anti-fraud queries with reach set of information and with very high reliability and low false-positives rate.

Also, the services exposes the data in several easy to use and parse formats.

How can I use your service?

A typical implementation is an anti-spam service. Instead of downloading, keeping and parsing data from various provides, you can configure your anti-spam software to query our service. The DNS API is ideal for this purpose and it is what many popular antispam engines use.

In addition, you, as a developer, can use our service to check reputation of IP addresses when registering your clients, when they login to your site, or when they enter their email addresses or other details.

Any application can be easily integrated with ZQS in order to decide whether to allow or block activity from some domain or IP address.

API Features

What access methods you provide?

Currently you can query our service via DNS and REST API's. With REST you have access to 4 types of queries: HTTP, Text, JSON, JSONX. Please see the documentation for more information.

Data Availability and Performance

What data you provide?

We aggregate data from several IP and domain sources and from an email white list. We also have data about public IP addresses (those usually assigned to residential clients, which are not supposed to send email or have other types of network activity), Zero reputation (very fresh) domain names, etc. As we combine all these data sources we are able to return a response which you can use to make important decisions, based on the information we have, or use our internal score directly.

How fast are you?

Very fast. Internally queries are processed in less than a millisecond. The RTT (Round trip time) depends on your network speed and location, but in general you can send and receive dozens of queries per second. You may send multiple queries in a single request to speed up responses even more.

Other Details

What is your pricing?

It is very simple - each query costs you $0.001. First 1000 queries per day are free! There is one week free trial period.

Are there any volume discounts?

Yes, if you plan to send us very high number of queries, please contact us for customized offer.

What is your roadmap?

We plan to add soon more sources, so our responses are even more reliable. Also, we plan to have ZQS delivered as a virtual machine (e.g. Docker container), so you can issue queries locally. We will be able soon to answer also geo-location queries and provide additional data about users reputation.

We will also provide modules and libraries for use in popular programming languages, e.g. Java, Javascript, Node.js, .Net, PHP, etc.